By MikiMoke Part of the Altered Perspectives continuity.
Through My Eyes
Created by MikiMoke
Genre: Alternate universe, Humor, Mystery, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 16
Release date: December 2015
Status: Ongoing
Writer(s): MikiMoke
Next: In My Shoes

Through My Eyes is an ongoing fan fiction set during the events of City of Bones. It follows seventeen-year-old Ayumu "Yū" Burakgazi as she tries to uncover her sudden and continuous dreams of another reality; a reality where she has friends she doesn't even knew and where she uncovers a world she could only dream about.

Plot Edit

After falling victim to a hit and run incident on a bike ride home, Yū finds herself waking up in hospital to a distraught mother and father and friends she doesn't even remember making. Things only become more and more curious as she finds herself experiencing strange dreams - dreams that feel as real as her waking hours. In these dreams, she is the close friend of a particular redhead and her bespectacled best friend, and it isn't long before she finds out about the dark side of these dreams. Thrust into a world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders, Yū will do anything she can to find answers about why she's experiencing these dreams.

Characters Edit

  • Yū Burakgazi
  • Clary Fray
  • Simon Lewis
  • Jace Wayland
  • Isabelle Lightwood
  • Alec Lightwood

Chapters Edit

  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 01
  3. Chapter 02
  4. Chapter 03
  5. Chapter 04
  6. Chapter 05
  7. Chapter 06
  8. Chapter 07
  9. Chapter 08
  10. Chapter 09
  11. Chapter 10
  12. Chapter 11
  13. Chapter 12
  14. Chapter 13
  15. Chapter 14
  16. Chapter 15

External links Edit

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