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Quinn Bonnefoy is the youngest on the Bonnefoy family, a Shadowhunter of Idris, and the husband of Marci Baywater.

Biography Edit

Quinn Bonnefoy never really left the walls of the Paris Institute, or Alicante. His family was always concerned about his safety and protection, even though they live the lives of Shadowhunters. When he was old enough to be marked with his first runes, and allowed to hunt with his older siblings, Isaac and Alicia, twins that are 3 years-older than his is. He learned very quickly, along with casualties of injures. His family later moved in Alicante when he was 15, and he never visited the Paris Institute again until Quinn was older.

Life in Alicante was simple, he had nothing really to worry about, even though his parents were always nervous wrecks when anything happened to him or his siblings. The only acted this way due to the return of Valentine Morgenstern, which was the main issue that was talked about at Council meetings. Having Valentine to be causing trouble again, his siblings and parents were never really home. Quinn's loneliness changed when Marci Baywater arrived in Alicante. He seemed to fall in love with her immediately. However, when Marci turned 18, her family moved back to the New York Institute, and she didn't return until late September 2007. Quinn was pleased to see that she returned, because when she did he proposed to her after a picnic in the Brocelind fields.

When Valentine and Jonanthan Christopher were no more, they got married in the fall of 2008, and lived a normal life. Later they had two children, Kayden and Anias Bonnefoy in 2010. From there on out they live normal lives as people of the Shadow World.

Personality Edit

Quinn is a kind gentleman, who just happens to be quite the bookworm. He is very courageous, yet somethings he can't get over without the help and support of others. He is caring for others, and a little clingy to those that he loves. Overall he is a lovable person and is very independent due to his past experiences of being alone for so long.

Appearance Edit

He is tall with white blonde hair that is pushed to one side, long on one side than the other. He has curious brown eyes that look dark compared to his hair and skin. He normally wears mundane cloths, like a tee-shirt or three-quater length shirt with jeans, lace up sneakers, and a scarf or jacket. Or he'll wear his gear, which is black jeans, boots, and a black shirt. His body is covered with silver scars, and black runes to help him in battle or with other problems.

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