By BellaHaven Part of the Elemental continuity.
Bella Haven
Created by BellaHaven
Biographical Information
Full name: Isabella Elizabeth Haven-Doiteain
Born: September 30
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Alias: Heaven's Sin
Death's Enemy
Nickname/s: Bella, Bells, Fireball, светляк (FireFly in Russian)
Species: Half Angel/Nephilim
Occupation: Killing Demons
Residence: Annapolis, Maryland
Allegiance: Werewolves
Parabatai: Annabel Randon
Significant other/s: Aiden Spear
Children: Penelope Carr (adopted)
Haven Marie Spear
Simon Aiden Alexander Spear
Parents: Jakob Doiteain (father)
Elizabeth Doiteain (mother)
Sibling/s: Xavier Doiteain (half brother)
Relatives: Jac Haven (adopted aunt), Brim Carr (cousin)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Blue
Red (when using powers)
Distinct feature/s: Mundane tattoos along with runes
Height: 5'8
Character Information
Featured in: Elemental

Isabella Elizabeth Haven, also known as Bella, is a Shadowhunter in the Institute of Annapolis. She lives with her adopted Aunt Jac Haven. She is witty, strong minded, and reckless. She seeks for adventures other then hunting simple demons. Her best friend is a warlock named Sy Uce. Eventually she falls in love with the Alpha's son, whose father has sworn the Nephilim as his enemy. One night while fighting a demon Bella is struck by a unknown 'shadow' and wakes up to find that she burns everything she touches. She is also the guardian of the youngest group members Zoe Taushen and Max James.

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