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Hildegard Nightwolf
Created by Izumi Blaze
Portrayed by Dove Cameron
Biographical Information
Full name: Hildegard Nightwolf
Born: May 1993
Age: 15 (2007)
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: Hildy
Species: Shadowhunter (Quarter Werewolf)
Residence: New York Institute
Allegiance: the Clave
Relatives: Stephen Nightwolf (father)
Cecile Nightwolf {nee Verlac} (mother)
Ailiz Nightwolf (sister)
Feynir Laskaros (paternal grandfather)
Nellie Nightwolf {Nee Starkweather} (paternal grandmother)
Joseph Verlac (maternal grandfather)
Victoire Verlac {nee Fleuve de Toiles} (maternal grandmother)
Regulus Nightwolf (ancestor)
Rowena Nightwolf {nee Penhallow} (ancestor)
Royse Nighwolf (great-great and a couple more greats aunt)
Nightwolf family
Verlac family
Fleuve de Toiles family
Starkweather family
Penhallow family
Physical Description
Gender: female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Character Information
Featured in: Nightwolf Chronicles
First appearance: Into the World of Shadowhunters (Haunted)
Latest appearance: Forsaken (Haunted)

Hildegard Nightwolf is a Shadowhunter under the New York Conclave. She is the younger daughter of Stephen and Cecile Nightwolf and the younger sister of Ailiz Nightwolf.


Early LifeEdit

Hildy is three years young than her sister, Ailiz. The two are quarter werewolf, and grew up in Idris with Maksim and Kirill Applehood.

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