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Aurelia Blackthorn
Created by Nobah Dee
Biographical Information
Full name: Aurelia "Lia" Cotta Blackthorn
Born: 1990
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: Lia
Species: Shadowhunter
Occupation: Demon Fighter
Allegiance: Clave
Affiliation: Blackthorn family
Parents: Andrew Blackthorn
Unnamed Faerie (deceased)
Sibling/s: Helen Blackthorn
Mark Blackthorn
Julian Blackthorn (half)
Tiberius Blackthorn (half)
Livia Blackthorn (half)
Drusilla Blackthorn (half)
Octavian Blackthorn (half)
Relatives: Blackthorn Family
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: white-blond
Eye color: blue-green
Character Information
Featured in: Of Perfect Storms
Mentioned in: Of Broken Echoes

Aurelia Blackthorn is the third eldest Blackthorn child, and the youngest half-faerie in the family.


To Be Added


Lia is very protective of her family. She is untrusting of others due to a childhood incident she refuses to talk about, but if her trust is earned her loyalty knows no bounds.


Lia has white-gold hair that she keeps short, and the usual blue-green Blackthorn eyes. She is tall and lanky. Her ears are pointed due to her Faerie blood. Her skin has a pearl-like sheen to it.


Aurelia Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar, who her younger brother Julian was named after.


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