By Contrivances Part of the The Divine Contrivances continuity.
When I first meet people they think I'm awkward and unusual, in reality I'm thinking of so many scenarios in which I'm enjoying myself more my head hurts, obviously I'm not good with new people.

–AJ Weathecross

Alistair Jasper Weathercross
Biographical Information
Full name: Alistair Jasper Hermann Michael Weathercross
Born: 29 August 2001 London, England
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: August, AJ
Species: Shadow hunter, part warlock
Occupation: Shadow hunter medic
Allegiance: The Clave
Parabatai: Lincoln Everrose
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Multiple
Distinct feature/s: Purple skin, gold slit eye, yellow and orange eye.
Character Information
Featured in: The Divine Contrivances

Alistair Jasper 'AJ' 'August' Weather cross is a English shadow hunter who moved to the San Francisco Institute when he was 11. He lives there with his parabatai Lincoln 'Link' Everrose.

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