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Adamas Branwell is a Shadowhunter and a ward of the New York Institute.



Physical descriptionEdit

Unlike his older siblings, who all greatly resemble his mother, Adamas instead bears great resemblance to his father. He has a head of unkempt ginger hair and hazel eyes. He is normally seen wearing jeans and short-sleeved shirts in a variety of colors. Those who are immortal and have met both him and his distant relative say that he also bears a striking resemblance to him.



Since both of his parents passed away when Adam was only three years old he has very few memories of what they used to be like. He knows though that they both cared for him very much, enough so to risk their lives to keep him safe from harm. He also seemingly takes great pride in being told he greatly resembles his late father.

It has also been noted by his sisters that he sometimes looks out his window as if looking to heaven and speaks to his parents.

Ever since the passing of their parents, Jonathan quickly became Adam's male role-model. He greatly admires his older brother and wishes to be as strong and smart as he is one day. However, due to his brother's rather harsh nature that arose in recent years, he admits that he can be rather wary being around him especially when he is upset or frustrated. Nevertheless, he loves his brother very much and strives to become a person that he is proud to call his brother.


  • His given name roughly means "untamable home ruler".
  • His first name comes from the heavenly metal that the Iron Sisters use to forge Seraph blades and other things Shadowhunters utilize.
  • He is named after one of his distant relatives, Henry Branwell, of whom he bears a striking resemblance.